Integration Service -Outlook 365 Trigger Orchestrator Process when Shared MailBox receives an Email


We will be working on two automations soon that will need to be “real-time” kicked off instead of scheduled, so I’m preparing for the creation of these automations by setting up some triggers (within the Integration Service) on our Outlook 365 accounts that would trigger certain processes (existing automations in Orchestrator) to start running when a new email arrives in a given Inbox.

I was able to make a connection with one of our user accounts emails ( that has access within Outlook to all the Shared Mailboxes we’d want to monitor for “new emails received” to trigger processes. However, the specifications seem to be lacking quite a bit as I can’t specify what Shared Mailbox (i.e.,,,,, etc.) to monitor or even what folder to look for a “new email received” even.

Questions I’d like answered:

  1. Can you set the Outlook 365 Integration Service up for an account that has access to a shared mailbox account (and set it to monitor the shared mailbox’s inbox)?
  2. Can you pick what mail folder to monitor for when a new email is received or is it by default the Inbox folder on the “Connection Email Address” (i.e., Inbox on the email account you create a connection for, without regard to the Shared Mailboxes it has access to)?
  3. Depending on answers to #1/#2 – are there plans to incorporate this into the Integration Service (I would think there would be tremendous benefit to this Shared Mailbox approach to triggers) and if so, any word on the expected timetable for release?


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Hey @taxguy33

It looks like only default account as of now, anyway will check once !



We also have similar use case where we want to trigger uipath process anytime a new email arrives in our shared mail account inbox.

Is this feature available through integration service ?

Thanks in advance.

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Appreciate this is an old thread, but did this ever get answered?

I have many use cases which this could really help out on.



Hi Josh,

Did you find an answer or a solution to using a shared mailbox in the Integration service for outlook 365?

Could we get an official UiPath stance on whether this is possible and if it is not then whether there are plans to implement this?