Integration Service - Connector builder - Authentication to own orchestator

Hi Together,
to get to know the connector builder and for reporting I would like to build a connector the my own orchestrator. But the authentification via OAuth 2.0 Authorization code poses some challenges for me. What am I missing? Could you help me please?

What I did so far:

  1. Import Swagger .json file
  2. Authentication
  • Client ID: From external App
  • Client secret: From external App
  • Scope: From external App
  • Decode authorization OAuth Code: false
  • Autorization URL: …/identity/connect/authorize
  • Token URL: …/identity/connect/token
  • Refresh token URL: …/identity/connect/token
  • Basic header: true
  • Token revoke URL: ?
    Refresh interval: 3600

When I try to connect, I get the message that the page can’t be found.

Hi @PeCour
Use external appication feature in UiPath orchestrator

Kaviyarasu N

thanks for the suggestion but that is not what I am looking for.
I have built an external application to get the client ID and client secret.

But I want now to build a connector to the UiPath orchestrator itself. That is the next step.