Deprecated Authenticate Endpoint

Hi UiPath Forum,
In my solution a third party application adds a queue Item to the Orchestrator, in which a user authentication is needed.

According to Uipath documentation in Orchestrator 2021.4 ist the https://{Orchestrator_URL}/api/account/authenticate endpoint (details) has been deprecated and we should use OAuth flow instead. But the documentation is about Uipath Cloud and not about on-premise.

I wanted to ask, if the process of using OAuth in the on-premise Server is the same as cloud?
I look forward to your feedback and experiences in advance.

Me too and following

I’m also searching about how to communicate to UiPath orchestrator using OAuth feature.

@Forum_Staff Can you please provide your thoughts about this question? Also, can you please share us any(best) resources to learn “How to consume UiPath orchestrator(both on-premise and cloud) API using OAuth feature?”

Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu,
I asked a proper team for the help here :slight_smile: Will let you know once I will got any update on this.

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This is the OAuth doc for on-premise (starting with 21.4)