HttpRequest Connect to Orchestrator in Studio


I’m trying to use the Http Request activity to connect to a Cloud Orchestrator using the Oauth2 authentication and its not working as I expect. There is not very good or clear documentation on this sadly…
Before anyone asks, I am aware of the ‘Orchestrator Http Activity’. Thats not relevant, I want to connect to a different one than where the bot is currently running.

I am happily able to connect to the Orchestrator using Postman. But if I try to use my bearer token in any Http Request in Studio it just fails. I am trying it through the wizard and the response is always that I’m not authenticated.
I need to get this to work and then figure out how to configure a workflow to actually generate that bearer token aswell.

I feel like UiPath should have a sample workflow somewhere, where I can through in my URL, Application ID and Secret Key and it should just work.

Does anyone have an example?


Can you share the screenshot of headers how you are configuring ?

you can mask the sensitive information

You have to give as “Bearer”+" "+“Token”

Hope this may help you


Like I said, I was trying to use the wizard. I select the Authentication to OAuth2 and paste the token into the Access Token option. I am not touching the headers yet.

I tried it both with 'Bearer ’ as a prefix and with the token on its own.

Perhaps you can share a working example as that makes more sense. Like I mentioned a working demo would just help people to see how it should be set up.


Check for this thread

Cheers @Jon_Smith

Thanks guys, but these methods seem to be based on a specific user where they are presented with a login page and enter their details. I want to use an authorized app using the application ID and secret ID which is a different authentication process.

I got the bearer token to work. Turns out putting it into the OAuth2 property seems to do nothing. I have no add it in the header which I define myself (not sure what the OAuth2 property even is for then, doesn’t seem to work).

I cannot get the oAuth flow to work for an external application.
I have followed the details here:

If I make the request in Postman like it suggests I just get the response of ‘“error”: “unauthorized_client”’

I know my external application details are correct because I can use them correctly in Postman on an collection where I configure the Application ID and Secret ID to connect. This can get me a token I can use in further requests. But I need to be able to generate that Token in UiPath…

I tried downloading the latest ‘Orchestrator Manager’ project from Github too as it seems they added an Oauth flow, again, that just errors.

Can someone else try to see if they can get it to work so I can know if its me failing somehow or incorrect instructions…

Is no-one able to help? I’m being prompted to mark this as solved but there is no solution…