Installing package to Assistant Failed

I’m getting an error “Failed to Install Package [botname]” in Assistant when trying to run a bot. The process works fine in Studio, although I have to use an outdated version of 0365 and Azure packages (the most recent version had some bugs causing issues). There’s a dependency conflict from using those outdated activities, could that be the reason the installation is failing? I’m able to install another bot process to the same machine fine, so it’s not related to firewall or access issues.

Hello @Greg_Jacobson

I think this is due to access issues to some feeds or the dependency. While executing are you able to see the package getting downloaded to the assistant?

Will check. If the bot is working in Studio despite the dependency conflict, does that mean my issue isn’t related to the conflict when attempting to install in Assistant?

Not sure…But i think while installing to assistant its looking for the allowed feeds in he orchestrator and throwing the error