Assistant - Failed to install package

Hey all,

I am working with the end user for a process and helping them get the package installed through the Assistant. We are not connecting to orchestrator. They are using the community edition installation.

I have packaged my process through Studio and provided them the output .nupkg file. There are a few standard dependencies from the official feed (Intelligent OCR, PDF, Excel, UiAutomation). I developed the process on the 2020.8 and 2020.10 beta versions of Studio.

We added the process nuget package to the standard location %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages and it appears in the assistant process list, but when the user attempts to install the package there is an error that Assistant “Failed To Install Package {x}”.

I have looked through the forum posts and attempted the proposed solutions but none seemed to help.The FAQ in the docs here also did not solve the issue.

The process is able to run through their studio installation, but not via the assistant.

I am thinking if I place all of the package dependencies directly in the user’s nuget cache and then install the package it may work, but haven’t tried that yet.

Has anyone experienced this issue before and if so, what was your solution? Does anyone else have some idea of what may be causing the error?

Hi @Joseph_Iaquinto

to be honest, I never worked with local packages in UiPath Assistant.

Nevertheless, I also assume that the activity packages are loaded from
as you also already mentioned.

But you you said that the Assistant is not able to install them based on the provided package…so it is actually more like this
Robot Fails to Download Package
isn’t it?

Is there a more detailed error log available?

Did you already try to build a package from their studio and use this one for their Assistant?

I am currently having the user (and their sysadmin) reinstall studio/ robot as an administrator and will report back. Unfortunately the only error reported by assistant was just the unhelpful “Failed to install package” message, but I did not look into their event logs which will be my go-to troubleshooting method once I have an administrator installation of UiPath as it may have more information.

I will also try your suggestion of building the package from their studio and going from there, but I need a good, consistent way to deploy this to other users in the future, and having studio installs for everyone is not an option.

I understand.

A possible scenario could be that the NuGet Feed Link of the provided package is wrong (maybe pointing to Orchestrator).

If this error just happens with one specific package you could test the installation with the Debuggable Package Manager.

I am curious… :smiley: