Unable to install packages from Orchestrator

We have installed UiPath(as attended mode) on our production machine. Its an attended bot so we have installed the UiPath as attended mode. It is connected with Orchestrator as well. Now whenever we try to run the bot from UiPath Assistant the bot first installs the package from Orchestrator and for every package the issue is coming up. First it came up for Ftp.Client package so we uploaded the package to the orchestrator libraries section and now when we tried to rerun the bot it is giving error for another package now.

For every package it is giving the issue. Please help us in resolving this as it is affecting the business.


Hi @Tanvi_Sharma ,

Pasting this here: Feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress. Verify the package exists on the feed and try again - #2 by Mathavaprakash

Hope it helps!