Installing Browser Extensions Offline

Good afternoon community…
I need some help to install Chrome and Firefoz extensions, OFFLINE.

I can get the “crx” extension by its id (dpncpimghfponcpjkgihfikppbbhchil), unzip it, and install it manually enabling de developer mode in the Chrome://extensions section… but it doesn’t seem to work, when executing my programs I get the “check extensions” message.

Is there any way to install them with no conection to the web?

Thanks a lot…

Hi @rmadrigal,

Please got through below link and follow the steps:


Hi @rmadrigal,

I would advise u to suggest Internet Explorer 11 as it work like a charm.

Mozilla and Chrome on certains scenarios give u “Com Component Error” so best if u avoid Mozilla and Chrome.

Well, if using them is the only choice then try this:

Sometimes even when you install the Firefox Extension or Chrome Extension it keeps prompting u to install the extension.

First of all un-install the UiPath application -> delete all the files (including hidden files from installation directory ) and restart your system -> Reinstall it again.

Turn off the UiPath Robot Service (tsk Mgr - Service Tab -> UiPath Robot) and Launch UiPath and then try to install the Mozilla and Chrome Extension before u start off with any Automation project .

Once installed -> restart System -> Start the UiPath robot service and Launch UiPath again.

This would Resolve the issue , as I also faced the same Issue.