Installation Issue UIPath Studio

Hi We are trying to distribute UIPath Studio through SCCM with no luck. Whatever command line that I try it is failing with the error below

Can you please help with command line to install silently for allusers with default options.

You may try the below command for the SCCM Packaging:

msiexec /i “UiPathStudio.msi” /q ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Studio,Robot,Packages,ChromeExtension,EdgeExtension,ExcelAddin TELEMETRY_ENABLED=0 /l*vx “c:\temp\UiPathInstallLog.txt”


Let us know if above command helped you.

The command did not work, failed with the same error as above. By the way this is UiPath Studio Cloud.

I see the error below when I installed the msi in UI mode.

Please uninstall all existing UiStudio or UiPlatform products (user mode/service mode installations) from the Control Panel → Programs & Features → Restart the machine → retry to run the above command (modify the MSI file name to match your installer) as an Administrator → restart the machine and then, share your findings with us.

No UI Path product is listed in control panel. How ever the installer is stating that user scoped installation exists. What is the msi looking to identify that there is a user scoped installation, this will help in getting rid of it.

Also, how do we get in touch with your support team to get assistance on our issue.

Check below folders and see if those exists:

  1. For the previous versions of Studio, can you tell me if they were Community Edition installations? If they were CE installs, they would have been installed to the C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\UiPath directory, rather than C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath directory.

  2. Assuming the previous Studios were not Community Edition, can you please determine whether or not any artifacts are left over in the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath directory (or whatever the install directory was)? If there are artifacts, please attempt to delete them entirely and then perform another SCCM install.

Also, you can reach support via: Contact Technical Support

Hi @vinod_reddy1

Were you able to resolve this issue?