Disabled sign in uipath community installation

Hi i want to install uipath community, using online license, why it disabled?

Hi @adityo

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did you download the installation package from cloud.uipath.com ?

yes @AdityaVN its a .msi installer

Hi! @adityo, Welcome to community!

I hope you’ve created your orchestrator account. for community edition you no need to enter any license this will be done automatically.

You can download the community studio from here: Continue with UiPath

or you can also download the studio from orchestrator. find the link below:

You need to sign in to your orchestrator or uipath website using the credentials. this will automatically download the studio.

Please follow the steps and get it installed


ok, i get it. At the start of the installation you we be given options - Quick and Custom. I think you choose custom installation option. You need to opt for Quick installation so that your studio will have community license

hope this is helpful

Hi @adityo

Could you please confirm which installation path have you followed? It is true the the Quick installation option is the easiest way to set things up, unless you have some specific requirements covered by the more advanced setup.

If it was not the quick option, could you please reinstall Studio with that option first and give it a try?