Community edition taken, still licence is required, How do I get that licence?

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code):

Studio/Robot version:

Current behavior:


Hi @Abbi,
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I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. In order to get the fresh Studio Community please go here:
Then go to Resource Center tab and:

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Heya @Pablito ,
I did this, I completed the setup - chose the community edition option out of the three and it ran perfectly, when came the ‘But’.
Because now I closed the app, and when i re-opened it, licence was expired, and it asked something as shown in the attached screenshot.
I looked for the renewing option(1st option in the screenshot) on the forum itself, and found a link to renew the licence, and so I did, twice!! But the problem didn’t go nowhere.
And I won’t purchase one either, hence my question, “How do I get the licence” - so that I can try the 2nd option(in the screenshot) as well.

Community edition is totally free. First of all please make sure if after installation you are not opening Studio accidentally from the installation .exe file :slight_smile: Shortcut to Studio is placed under start menu. Please also check if your internet (proxy?) is configured correctly and not blocking Studio. For Community Edition internet connection is required in order to get license for each Studio run.

I am not having the authority to deal with the internet services as it’s the office’s connection(and is LAN) and I don’t think that it’s blocking the Studio’s connectivity.
And I opened it from the shortcut only!

What is happening if you will go with “Renew License” option?

It’s redirecting to the contact us page over the internet.

Please follow these steps:

Let’s see if it will help.

I’ve been having the same issue.

Seems like you just gotta make another fresh account, cz that’s what it took for me!!

@Pablito: The file available as community edition on UiPath is a .exe and hence UIPath is not getting installed om my machine using this file. Could you pls share a windows installer file.

In the link you pasted there is option to download Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Chose enterprise and you will have .msi file :wink:

Ok got it thanks a lot.

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