What is the definition of UiPath Community Edition / CE?

Hello, been having some confusions about UiPath Community Edition.
What is the definition of Community Edition, really?

Fact 1:
When I download Community Edition, it came with an .exe where I can use with “Start Free” (no license). SUre, it came with Community Edition version on its info.

Fact 2:
When I download Trial Version, it came an .msi which when installed came with the same option too “Start Free”. When I use “Start Free” the version info became Community Edition with 12 weeks until expiration, and when I tried using Validate Key and enter my Trial Code, it became Enterprise Edition with 8 weeks until expiration.

So when Start Free is used, it is Community Edition (but, it is .msi…), when the trial code is activated, it is Enterprise Edition (Trial). But what about the whole .exe and .msi? If the difference between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition is the licensing, why differentiate .exe and .msi? Anyone can give an bit of explanation?

.msi prompts several features and configuration component(orchestrator,etc) while installing( kind of enterprise purpose) while .exe limited feature component.
For details by Gabriel:

@ovi please free to add if any more difference.

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Hi Dilip,

As you and Gabriel mentioned, the .msi allows you to install the entire UiPath suite: Studio, Robot(with all the rights of a Windows service), Orchestrator, while the .exe allows you to install Studio and Robot in user-mode(it has has same rights as the user under which it has been installed).

@whyyouandi If you choose Start Free you will get the CE regardless the installer because the Studio version(Community Edition or Enterprise) is given by the license.

More details in the Studio user guide:


Thank you @ddpadil and @ovi for your kind explanation. I really helped.
So allow me to summarize it:

UiPath Installers:
Type 1: .exe
Download URL: Community Edition Page
Included: UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot
How to Install: Run it once and it will not be in your C:/Program Files/, but after you run it once it will be on your menu bar, use it or create a shortcut of it. If you run .exe for the second time, the files will be replaced (all the packages you installed will be gone, need to reinstall it).

Type 2: .msi
Download URL: UiPath Platform Trial Page
Included: UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot, and some other options
(Orchestrator is web based service so I suppose it is not included in installer)
How to Install: Just like the common app (it will be on your C:/Program Files)

About Licensing

  1. Regardless of the name, when we use free license (“Start Free”) whether installed from either
    .exe or .msi, and we should call it Community Edition
    (So when facing something you think might be bug, I should include my Studio Version
    not what kind of license I have since CE have no lacking feature to the Enterprise one)
  2. When using valid code (after purpose), it is Enterprise Edition (seems like other people call it Pro Edition) too.
    Usually, when you purchase it, you’d want to install from .msi one (though ,exe is seem to be okay too).

Might this help other confused people like me too, if any.