Installed Community Edition UiPath Studio - Everytime I launch the UiPath Studio, it's asking to enter email Id

Hi All,
Every time I try to launch the UiPath Studio, it’s asking me to enter email Id. Also, I have noticed that the recent process are not displayed under the Recent section. I did followed the solutions that were given earlier related to similar issue, but it’s not working. Any input is really appreciated.

Thank You

Usually when we try to re install, it will always ask for email. Please open the installed exe file. Search for the UiPath folder and create a desktop shortcut or search for the exe file in search bar.

Hi @gangakoyada1

@Roofus is right. After running the .exe installer ones, there should be a shortcut in the Start menu to launch your Studio CE :slight_smile:

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Hi @ Roofus and loginerror,
Thanks for our input. I tried again by navigating to the UI path folder based on the instructions provided in the earlier thread and created a short cut and now it’s working fine, I am not asked to enter email id now.

Thanks you all for your assistance.

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