Community Editions - Activation Studio Path


i am new to UI Path, I downloaded the community edition

Every time i open it - it asks me for my email activation.

I have to enter my email then it goes on line and says thank you for downloading

Is this intentional - I have to do this every time?

I also noticed that there was no softwarerobot.exe in program 86 files

I wanted to shcedule a basic task.

i am not sure if UI Path installed at all

thank you for advice


1.It won’t be having this trouble if you run from program but I think your running .exe every time from downloads . Please follow up this.
%AppData\Local\UiPath\app-2016.2.6274.33252\UiPathStudio.exe and create a shortcut on desktop and run it from there.
2. For studio : C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe
For community: C:\Users\TOM\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-2016.2.6162.37289\UiRobot.exe
3. For scheduling.

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When I looked in my programs folder I don’t believe the studio got installed
When I signed up I downloaded the program then when I click on it it opens up and everytime it gives an error message to say last time it was unable to start.

The issue is on my desktop I have Ui path however I don’t think it has installed on my computer and I’m not sure how to install it

I know this sounds bizarre because normally you downloaded program and you just install it and it gets installed and you can find it in your programs however for some reason it’s not installed

Do you have any idea why

Thank you for your advice

Uipath studio comes with installer wizard and it create all the files in program(x86) but where as for UiPath CE installer is an exe file. But when you run the exe it it will unpack everything in %AppData\Local\UiPath\app-…


I have located the folder appdata local and I found UI studio application I have double click this icon to open URL path studio community

I wasn’t aware that this wasn’t being installed like a normal program and that it was being extracted to appdata local folder however since I have been able to locate it now and run the application from that folder it hasn’t given me an error so far
It’s not asking for my email either so I think for the moment it seems solved

Thank you for your help