Insights cannot connect to Orchestrator configuration while installation

Hi , I got a problem while insights setup. I have setup the Orchestrator in one VM, and configured the Insights in another VM. While linking Insights to the Orchestrator by following the steps we are not able to establish the connectivity. Getting an error as Failed to connect to Orchestrator server .

Hi Swapna,

Can you please check your temp directory on the insights server. There should be a log file for the insights installer with more detail.


Hi Chris ,

I have checked the log files. and the error is in Orchestrator identity endpoint and installation access token. But we have given the right values in those fields. Could’nt predict why the error is popping.

Do you see any errors in the orchestrator event log? Cant help much without any logs or a more detailed error message. Maybe you can open a ticket with support.

Processing: uipath insights logs.txt…
I have attached the log file . Please do check it and help out.

I have checked the Orchestrator and Insights version . Both seems to be different . The Orchestrator is version 21.4.2 and Insights v21.4.0 . I think this may be the issue . Can you please provide the link for downloading the Orchestrator of version 21.4.0

hi @Swapna_Sivalingam, the minor version difference shouldn’t be causing issues. I suggest opening a ticket with our support team, they will be able to assist you. Normally these kinds of issues are due to certificates or configurations that need to be changed.

Thank you . I have resolved the issue. It was due to certificate problem. I resolved it by placing the ORchestrator certificate in my other VM trusted root certificate folder .

I had a a feeling it was a cert issue :slight_smile: glad you got it resolved! Make sure you’re taking a look at our troubleshooting documentation next time you run into an issue.

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