Copying specified range from excel to word as a table

Hi, I’m using UiPath Studio 2018.1.3 Enterprise version (since I can’t install external community packages, I can’t use packages like UiPathTeam.Excel.Extensions).

Anyways, back to my question…
I want to copy a specified range from an excel spreadsheet and paste it into a Word document as a table. How do I do that? It was suggested to me that I should use the Build Data Table activity. But after using that activity, how do I use the Word Application Scope activity to put the table into the Word document? I don’t think I can use the Append Text activity, as it requires a string, but the output from the Build Data Table activity is not a string.
What should I do?

After pasting the table into the Word document, I need the robot to add a page break (Ctrl+Enter). Should I just use the Send Hotkey activity for that?