Copy from excel, past in word


How do I copy a selected range from excel to paste in new word doc?


Hi @Shannon_Quek

Asuming that you want to past a datatable you can follow this tutorial

Let us know if any doubts or different requirement appear



I am not pasting a table but a selected range

It will be a table as well, you can support from the above tutorial


Hi @Shannon_Quek did you try the Insert DataTable in Document activity? You’ll use a Read Range activity to read the table from Excel → store as a DataTable variable, then use that DataTable variable in this activity.


ok i will try thanks!

what do i put here for read range? as I have already selected the range which I want.
also, the range varies for different excel sheets

If you leave it blank it’ll read the whole Excel sheet. If your table starts from the first row you can leave it blank, otherwise you’ll need to specify the cell addresses of the top left and bottom right of your table e.g. “A1:C5”.

my range varies so there is not a fixed one, is there a way to overcome this?

Does the table always start from row 1 / could you make your table to always start from row 1? Then you don’t have to specify a range, UiPath will automatically determine the start and end of the table.

If not there are some alternatives such as naming your table in Excel and using that table name in the Read Range activity, e.g.:

Or use the Find First/Last Row activity to get the start and end cell addresses


Hi @Shannon_Quek

I have attached the workflow for the reference. Please do check and follow the below steps.

Hope it helps!!


If the range is already selected in excel and if you need only that range always and if the range would be selected always in excel…then you can use modern read range activity as below


This will read the already selected range from excel