Save multiple images with the same name

Hi, I need to save multiple screenshots using the “Save image” activity. My problem is that the second image is just overwriting the first image with the same name and so on. How can I get all images saved, and not one overwriting the next. The obvious answer is to save under either different names, or NAME(1), NAME(2) and so on, but how can I do that?


Either append the name with timestamp Now.ToString("MMddyyhhmmss")

If not use a variable index and increment after every save …and use index in the name


Was thinking of appending a timestamp, but could not really find a good place to do that. There is no option for doing that in the file name as the name is set in the folder where the file is saved, not in the activity. (Unless I am thinking completely wrong here)

The filename to save to is set in the activity.


Yes, but if I set it there I will not have the path to the folder? And I need the full path there?

Yes you put the full path and filename.

Set a variable called count (integer) and for each image save it as filepath+" " + count.tostring and then set count to count = count + 1 and it will save it as image 1, image 2 etc

Great, that works, thanks guys!

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