Insert Folder Path Link in Mail Body (Send SMTP Mail activity)

Hello everyone,

I want to insert link to the folder path in email body. I am using Send SMTP mail activity and in the body isHTML checkbox is clicked.

The body should have the output as follows. “Click on this PDF for guidelines”.

The PDF should be hyperlink and when clicked on , it should redirect to the path. I have stored the Path in a variable in Studio.


  1. You can use create html content and insert a link…


  1. Use A tag with display values as pdf and use variable in the link

"Click on this <a href=" + LinkVar + ">PDF</a> for guidelines"


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Hi @Chetan_Wagh ,

Can you try this

<a href={0}>Link</a>

LinkVar = “

SMTP body will be String.Format(successMailBody,LinkVar)


<a href="+url here+">Link</a>

I used this but I am only getting the link in text form and nothing else.

Like this



Can you please show the exact implementation how you used it


Sorry. My bad. That worked. Thank you so much. Marking it as Solution :smiley:

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