How to add link to Local Folder Path in Outlook Email

I just want to ask if it is possible to put a link in an Email body in outlook. That when click, will open the folder path location of it.

I tried putting this <a href="FolderPath"> Path to Sales Folder</a> Where FolderPath is a string variable containing the Path. I tried clicking the link but it says Unable to open file:///'Folder path location' I hope there is a way around this. Thank you.

@Archie Did you try as the original folder path?

like C:\Desktop\FolderName

Hope this may help you


Hi Archie,

Please use the line that you mentioned.(Mentioning it again below for reference) in the body of the email. And finally don’t forget to check ““isHTMLBody”” option in the email properties.

<a href = " + the path you have " + >View Report <//a>

Let me know if you need a workflow for this, I will be happy to share.

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Sharath Aengali

I did, did not work.

@Archie, try by doing this: "<a href='file:///C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\New%20folder'>Click Here</a>"

This has to work!

P.S. Do check isHTML in the send outlook mail message activity!

I tried this, but it says "Cant open file: +c/users/…etc. And I know that it is set to isHTML body. As I don’t see the HTML Tags in the E-mail.

Make sure you have option selected in the following manner. And for the “Cant open file issue…” make sure that the path provided is right

I am sure about the IsBodyHtml. Might be my variable, I am string replacing my variable in a template, and I am not sure if something about the double qoutes.

Can you please share the sample workflow? i can help you more with it

the “<>” is included in my string replace. So lets say I am doing liek Template = Template.Replace("<FolderPath>",SalesFolderLoc) Where SalesFolderLoc is a string containing the folderPath. Then put the Template Variable(after replacing) in the Outlook’s Body

Thanks Archie!! this is more informative… Can you please also share the screenshot of the send outlook email properties?

This is what the Email Looks Like.

This is what the properties looks like. I change the Variable to HTMLEmailBody to make it noticable.

Thanks once again @Archie … One last question… is there a space in the folder path that you provided to the HTML Body?.. If not create a test file on the desktop folder of your machine and try passing that folder path to the email… Because above workflow is working in my machine and only possible issue that I can see is not having access to the specific file or file already being opened

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Can you check the link by rightclick and copy link and check if you are getting the correct link or not

Also you can try as instead of placing Just place {0} to that and instead of replace try as

String.Format(messageString, SalesFolderLoc)

Hope this may help you


If it’s spacing. There’s a space in the name of the folder. It’s the OneDrive folder of the client. Ex. CompanyA - OneDrive. I tried inputting other folder and it worked. I guess it has something to do with the folderPath name. I’ll discuss it first with my team. Thanks for the help btw.

I’m not sure if it’s correct. But It’s more likely about the spacing or special character in the folder name. Thanks for the help.

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