Insert Data From Datatable Variable


Kindly, I need your support, I extract a data form table on the web page and save it in datatable Variable by using data scraping.

How I can insert the extracted data in a build data table activity.

Hi @aalaghbari

You might need to Build a new data table and run through a loop on the data table you have assigned from the data scrapped.
From there you should be able to insert each and every row data into the new data table.

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Could you please be more specific, after I build Build a new data table, I need to add for each activity, then which activity I should use to insert the data?


You need to use add data row and run this under for each loop.

Before validate using any message box or write line.

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Thanks, I have another question, Can I pass all the data in one time?

hi @aalaghbari,

The output of the the web Extaction Data is a DataTable only.

To assign it to a new DataTable . we can use

If we want to Loop the DataTable and then we can use foreach as shown below.


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as the output of build datatable is a datatable and you want to populate it from data of the scraped datatable, is there any conversion or other changes on data to do? What is the motivation to build something what is already available. May I ask you for some more details. This helps us to work on your question:

Can I pass all the data in one time

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Hi @mukeshkala and @ppr,

I have extracted data from web as a oldDT. in column2 i want to add new string value
How can I pass this value in new data table?

Hi @Jesmine

U can try assign activitiy

row(column2name)= value

Try this


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