Adding data into data table

Hi There!

Part 1
Please refer to my screenshot of activities below

For the above,

  1. I did data scraping
  2. I added new column
  3. For each row I added a value to the new column

Part 2
Next I am data scarping from another site to add on to my data table.

For this:

  1. I did data scraping from another site to add on to my existing table.
  2. For each row i want to add value to the column i created in part 1

Now my doubt is, why is the value that I am adding to the new column in part 2 over writing the value I input in part 1.

Do note that the data scraping works fine, just the data in the column I added is being overwritten.

Please help.

I have attached the full activity for your reference.

@Abdul_Khaliq1 what is the datatable variable for second data scraping activity?do you want to join two datatable?

Yes I am adding on the the data to the data table created in part 1

Hello @Abdul_Khaliq1

You can use Merge datatable actiivty.

@Abdul_Khaliq1 use join datatable or merge datatable activity to join the datatable

Hello @Abdul_Khaliq1 other wise use append range instead of write range in second part

Hi I think my problem lies in this highlighted part. because after doing this the value in the column gets override. Must i use a certain syntax so that only the empty fields get updated?

Screenshot is not clearance and what is in that assign part?

Hi I have zoom in on the activity below.

What is the datatable variable for the data scraping of above ?why are you giving first data scraping variable in second for each datatable activity?

Because I want to add the data to the same data table

For that you need to add one more for each row in data table to loop through second data table @Abdul_Khaliq1

Sorry I dont get you, add one more of which?

Do you have any common column data between two datatable?

I tried this by changing the data table variable for the second data scraping. the result is actually what I want. but I get this error.

What should I do here?


Send me the workflow and i will see

@Abdul_Khaliq1 Clear the ExtractDataTable using clear datatable activity before you are scrapping the data second time, and then instead of using write range use append range second time .

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