Get info from site and save in data table

Hello everyone,
I need to get data table from one site. Like picture belowing.

And ı need to save this info to another data table. I tried to do data scraping and after added log message to see ıf ı could take the informations.
First I couldnt see the log message result. second ı do not know how can ı carry this info new data table, ı know ı need to use create data table act. and after log message need to use merge data table. but It doesn’t work. Can someone help me?

@Elif_Dulger Hello, You can use Add Data Row activity after extracting the data table from web page. For extractedDT use for each row and inside that use add data row to add these new data to your new data table.

Hope that helps.


But ı need to use build data table right?

I have done that but ıt doesn’t work. Or ı couldn’t do.
At which stage will I use build data table ?

Yes you have to build a new data table where you are gonna be storing the new data from website.

Ok. Thank you

we suggest to proper debug / setting breakpoints for such tasks.
The statement should look like follwoing:

With Build datatable the target datatable can be constructed in advance - dtDataCombined
After datascraping the retrieved data can be added to dtDataCombined by these options:

  • merge Datatable activity
  • for each row over ExtractDataTable and add datarow to dtDataCombined
  • A LINQ statement