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How to select different file types from Input Dialogue box? For example, if we want to select .pdf file or .docx or .xlsx

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You can use select file activity for this

Check this documentation

I want to use Input Dialogue box and Flow Switch to select the files. Is that possible?

Lets say if u want to read a pdf , u can put the pdf path in the input dialog box and pass the path to the read pdf activity.

But it is better to use select file activity for this, because select file activity open the dialog box which helps the user to select files which u can transfer to read pdf / excel activities for further operation

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One solution could be to use a sequence of Get Full Text, Input Dialog & Select Item activities as follows:

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The test file is DialogSelectItem.xaml (8.2 KB)

Are you planning to hardcode the file types in the input dialogue box? and or you add the file types to input dialouge box dynamically?


could you please explain this complete function what is it perform here

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It is doing the split operation,

It split the string based on vbLf as delimiter which new line. Then System.StringSlitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries will removes the blank if comes in between the string

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