Input Box Popup

Hi Team,

The Input box doesn’t maximise to the middle of the screen - when using attended automation this is annoying. The Input box when loaded should always be in the centre of the screen - or at least have a check box option.




Input Dialog has an option, which you can use to get Radio Buttons, Combo Box.

This is not my request. My ask is that the Input Box appears directly in the centre of the screen when it is launched rather than a flashing icon on the Task Bar.


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Hello @richarddenton, Activate works well in my case for the workaround.
But indeed will be nice to have an Attribute for this.

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A first iteration: Custom Input


So glad to see it @badita! Thank you so much UiPath Team!
Beeing greedy again, is there any way to adjust the form size?

Hi @whyyouandi

I think resizing will be address in the future update :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response @loginerror.
Been months touching old version UiPath from client’s environment, the updates are overwhelming! (awe)

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Ace. We actually used this at the London forward event to capture user data. :slight_smile: