Define input dialog screen position

Is it possible to define a specific screen position to where the input dialog will pop up?

I’m working on a flow that requires an input response based on on-screen information, but the dialog box pops up right in front of it. It doesn’t affect the actual processing, but it forces the user to drag the dialog before being able to type the information required (and before anyone asks, it’s not possible to show the required info on the dialog since it’s sourced inside an image file).

Also, is it possible to display an image instead of a text in the label option? That could work as well.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t believe this is possible with the Input Dialog activity, but it’s possible.
You will need to search Go to see if anyone has created a more versatile Input Dialog activity or create your own with a Custom Activity:

Also, you can use other scripting languages like the Invoke VBA, vbscript, powershell, python, or others to execute and display an input dialog.

Maybe someone else has a better idea though; also do a search on the forums as there might be additional discussion on it.



Thanks @ClaytonM!
I’ve found a few on Go, but I think I’ll just go with python. :slight_smile:


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