Ingoing FormData argument is not available in Form Designer

I have exactly this issue here UIPath Form Designer - anyone used it & is able to help me couple of questions? - #21 by loginerror

So want to give some ingoing argument to my Form. I tried out different element types but none worked.

I tried with String argument TextContent:


Form data looks like:


Then in the designer it looks like:

And also in preview nothing is replaced:


I have no idea. It seems to me like a bug actually. What do you think? Maybe done something wrong?

I also tested with lists, but same issue: image

I did it exactly as described here:

I have a similar issue, if you find a solution please share.

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@paras.gera @nawaz , can we please have a look at this

Hi @kwoxer,
The preview in the designer doesn’t render the dynamic fields, because the values also might be runtime dependent. You can try running this activity and see the created task in ActionCenter/Orchestrator. It should work fine there.
Please do check if the ‘Refresh On Change’ checkbox is clicked in the HTML element component.

Nice to know. But it seems that in a previor version of Studio it worked. So when was it changed in that manner? Somehow a downgrade in my eyes.

Will test if it comes to Action Center correctly.

EDIT: yes it worked, not for all elements, but at least it works on 2, because on some others it was replaced by “” empty string.

Well is there a plan when it will preview also in Form Designer? That would be a huge benefit. I mean for static variables at least for sure :slight_smile:

Hi @kwoxer
I don’t think so it was ever supported, because the form designer doesn’t have access/context of the variables in Studio. Also, supporting this isn’t in the plan right now. I’ll add this to our backlog and discuss it with the team.


Ok sure good to here. For now it’s enough that it at the end works. Maybe you should give some info in the preview that it is not replaced otherwise it confuses very much.