HTML Element Component - Issue with arguments

Hello everyone,

I have a problem the HTML Element Component in the form creator task.

I tried to put img src={{data.sampleimage1}} height=100 width=100 like in the example on the official documentation. :

You can also see the following picture :

It doesn’t work for me. Inside the P tag, the name of the argument appear but not the content of the argument.

Could you help me on this ?


what you can do is to verify that data.base64 and the FormFieldsCollection settings are matching due:
data.sampleimage1 vs. data.base64

Maybe you can do following:

  • referencing the image data by url, was working:
    <img src="" />

But it looks like a buggy situation in the component for html elements

  • test with simple display of a string failed (Was accepted for e.g. textfields placeholder)
  • tested with json for databinding (FormFieldsInputData) - failed

So after some more testing maybe it should be reported for bug analysis
@loginerror FYI


There is no problem with a url or a static base64 image in the form editor.
Just retrieving the data is the problem.

I’ll try to make some examples… But the combo persistence / form activities seems to be unstable for the moment.

For example, the “Wait for Form Task and Resume” activity worked well yesterday. Then today, i always have an error on this activity. Without any changes.


So i’ll continue to make some testing.