How to display variables into form designer

Hi everyone,
How do i display my variable into the form that i created?
For example, i have a string variable “Name” with the value “John”
I want this to appear in my form after creating the task.

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Hi @Gluon, had the issue been resolved? I have the same question.

Yes, when you put the variable as an argument into the input property of the form designer, it should automatically be populated inside the designer. However, sometimes it will not be populated and when that happens, just create a new form.

Thanks @Gluon for the quick response. Beside the argument is automatically populated, do you know how to refer the argument in other component, such as html element in the designer?

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Hi @jinshan2020 did you figure this out? I am trying to do the same

It could be the current Studio version that is causing the issue. Because nothing works right now on my test process Ingoing FormData argument is not available in Form Designer