Informative Screenshot is not visible from child folder inside project

For Better management of scripts/xaml project, module wise I am creating workflow independently in separate UiPath project then I am placing those folder inside one master and invoking workflow from sub folders.

So when I open any files of child folder from master project through “Project” explorer then it is not showing “Informative Screenshots” for every activity.

My Folder Structure is like this:

  • MasterFolder
  • .screenshots
    • Child Folder 1
    • .screenshots
    • Child Folder 1
    • .screenshots

I think UiPath should show screenshots in this type of moduler folder structure.

Any suggestions/thoughts?


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I am facing same issue. Whenever I change .xaml file location, screenshots images are not visible. Anybody aware of any solution on how to change reference of these screenshots in xaml file ??

Hi @Sanuttarwar,

All the Screenshots are saved in “.screenshots” folder (in Project Folder). Check the below folder structure.

Whenever you are moving .XAML file from one Project to another, copy all/relative screenshot to Master Folder (.screenshots) Only.

Folder Structure should be like:


i’m facing same issue as well.
Would be great if .screenshots-folder could be used in subfolders to create a better modularization-possibility.
One master-folder for all screenshots is very unwieldy for a project with a lot of xaml-files you later want to share over different projects.

Would it make more sense to store screenshots in the XAML itself - like in case of FindImage activity?
It would eliminate all the screenshot issues. However it would lead to larger XMAL files.

Exactly this is the reason we have implemented .screenshot folder. The xamls grew too large.

I thought so…

is there a way to store the screenshots in subfolders now?

Hi Experts,

I have 3 process with single bot main.xaml. like process A, process B, Process C.

Process A,B,C has different “xaml file” with “.screenshot”. but I can’t see the informative screenshot of an Activity inside my process of A.xaml , B.xaml and C.xaml.

I know UiPath will take parent .Screenshot Folder inside the root of our project. but i want separate folder .screenshot reference for process(A.xaml,B.xaml,C.xaml) with single project(Main.xaml).



Hi @Arunachalam

Is there a specific reason for that other than organizing your files?


Yes, I has because Single bot I’m going to develop multiple process with multiple developers so for that we needed “.screenshot Folder” separately for different process.