"Image Not Available" Issue in UiPath Studio

Hi Team ,

We can see issue of “Image Not Available” when we copy xaml project to another folder on same machine or post project to another UiPath studio in different machine .

Can anyone please suggest why this is happening.

We need to again indicate web page inputs (such as text box , tab etc ) of applications in order to rerun the developed & tested workflows .

Appreciate early help.

Sandeep Kutwal



The imagine here are just informative and should not require you to recaptures your elements.

Can you try copying as well the “.screenshots” folder on the target location too ?



Thanks Florent , working now after copying .screenshots folder while porting the xaml project :slight_smile:

How about when you send the .xaml file to a different computer? I also send the .screenshots file with, but the connection doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Is there any way to quickly restore this?


Is there anyway to include the screen shots with in the Workflow file or with in Activity it self?
[ Idea: Like serialize the image to text and store with in Activity itself, and when we open the workflow in UiPath Studio, deserialize the same and shown in the activity as image in informative screen shot region.]

Dear all,

May i have your help that I am also facing this problem that receiving “Image Not Available” when send the .xaml file to a different computer.

Appreciate your help.

Hey, for me the following helped:

On the first computer (where you are copying from), go into your project file and find the .screenshot folder. Copy this folder to the second computer. Place the whole project file on the same place as it was on the first computer (easiest way for me was desktop) and add the .screenshots folder separately.

For me this helped, I just messed around a bit with that .screenshots file and the location and all of a sudden it worked.

Hope it helps!

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Dear AnniekJ,

Thanks so much. I am happy for you.
However, this does not work to my case as the owner cannot remember where the folder he placed on the 1st computer which was broken already.

If it was broken already it is going to be hard to fix I’m afraid. Try the whole thing without the location, so just copying the .screenshots folder.

I figured, the problem was there is some invisible (or at least, I was not able to find it) link between the image in uipath itself and the image in the .screenshots folder. If you send the folder to the other computer, this link gets disrupted and the image can not be found, thus the error.

Otherwise I’m out of solutions, sorry…

Good luck!

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