Info: "Cannot act as user ADMIN. Make sure UiRobot is running as a service!"

I am using Uipath Community edition
I have orchestrator with Admin username defined.
I have provisioned 2 robots.
1 robot in my machine, other robot with different machine name.
I ran a job with 2nd robot, to execute the automation in the user machine.
I get the error as : * Info: “Cannot act as user ADMIN. Make sure UiRobot is running as a service!”

Please help.

Hi @Mallika,

This error is saying that there is no robot service running on the machine on which you are trying to run a robot.

I guess UiPath is not installed on that machine that is why there is no UiRobot service available. You must have UiRobot available on machine to run the process.


There is a robot, that is the reason i could provision the robot and get connected.
In machine X, I have studio, orchestrator and robot1
I have Robot2 is in Machine Y activated

I have done provisioning of Robot 2 with Orchestrator.

I want robot 2 to execute the automation process in Machine Y

See these posts seems a similar issue


Yeah, but i don’t see any solution to it.

@Mallika What r u trying to do… could you please show some more light.
You are using package or Robot in the different machine ?

Can you remote into different machine and try to open Orchestrator and try to execute.
If that works then you have to check the connectivity of your remote machine whether it is able to get ping response to make sure it is also in the same network.

Hope my inputs are useful

No I am not clear.

Requirement: I want to run my automation process in a different user machine.

I could schedule my process and run it in my machine, but now i want the same to be executed in a different machine.

Steps that i have done are:
1.Defined Robot 2 and assigned the environment DEV(community version allows only this dev environment).
2. Provisioned Robot2 with the orchestrator(tenant defined in my machine):

3. Run Jobs: image


How did you install robot on the machine where there is no Studio?

Is this second robot connected to Orchestrator? If not have checked the machine name is correct, open command prompt and type whoami this command will give you correct machine name.


Community edition is installed in second machine.
Yes I have connected the robot with orchestrator passing the 2nd machine name.

It shows connected and available

But i do not see the processes in that machine’s robot like i can see in my machine:

How do i make the processes available for robot 2 in machine 2?
Am i missing anything?