Cannot act as user UIROBOT. Make sure UiRobot is running as a service!

How do I rectify this error. I have started UiRobot.exe and I have also tried going to component services to start the service but the service is not available in the list. Any help in this regard is appreciated

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If you have installed the CE & .exe installer, the Robot will not be listed in Services but it is running under the User session(in user-mode).

Usually you get this error if the Robot credentials you’ve set in Orchestrator are wrong. Please double check them. For the exact Username you can open a Command prompt and type: whoami . For the password, make sure you type it correctly.

check this:


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Hello @jamnanin?
maybe try to run it as administrator (command prompt)?

Or try “whoami” in Package Manager f.e.

br Jakub

thanks. but it works now. just change the directory to system32 and then run the command


Hi, I see your error was rectified. I have installed Community Edition on my laptop (under Admin) and I successfully created a Robot with ‘Admin’ user. My laptop also has a user account ‘User222’ . I created another robot for this account successfully but when I run a process with this robot, I am getting this exact same error.

I think My Uipath Studio is installed by default on Admin User, so is it mandatory that I login to User222 before running process from second robot? Or is there a way to run processes from Robots using other guest accounts on your PC?