Indicated Target Not Valid UI Element for SelectItem


I’m working on the New Suppliers practice lesson for the Intro to StudioX module. I’ve managed to complete the base exercise, but want to learn how to use Excel to automate a selection from a drop down menu.

I’ve managed to do so previously with a different site, but this one has a drop down that returns the following error:
“Indicated target not valid UI element for SelectItem action”

The drop down looks like this:

I’ve attempted a work around whereby I use a “Click” action to open the drop down, but even after that the “Select Item” error shows once more.

I’m using Chrome.

Is there something I’m missing, or a different action that is better to use than SelectItem in this case?

Thank you!


Howdy! You could go the easy route and use a second “Click” action to click the item instead of the “Select Item” action :slight_smile:


You can check the selectors of the Item’s and make it dynamic to work

Share us the selector of Item’s

Hope this helps


“Select Item” only works with dropdowns that are HTML select items. Many modern websites choose to use their own custom dropdown implementations which don’t work with “Select Item”. As has been suggested by others, the way to accomplish this is to click the menu to open it, and do a second click or many times a “type into” will select the item as well.

I am not sure if this is as per the accepted standards of designing. But I was able to select the values from the dropdown list by using multiple if conditions followed by a click activity.


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i hope there is an easier way to select from the drop down list other than the solution mentioned above. Just think how complex it could get if there are many such values - as in (graduation or specialization) list to choose from… it would be crazy :confused:

Hi Srinu, I tried to make the selector parameter dynamic as given below but it does not automatically select from the list.


Hi, Andrew!

I’ve tried what you suggested, but I get the following error:

There is no “Type Into” option for the drop down menu I’m currently working with, so unfortunately that won’t work.

I’ve downloaded the “solution” file, which uses the exact same steps as what I built, and it works just fine. But I’m unable to dig deeper into the selectors that the solution file has so I can’t pinpoint what’s going wrong.

Is there work going on at UiPath to modernize the “Select Item” so that it will work with those dropdown implementations? Considering much of the work that can be automated is going to be dealing with websites like this, it seems to me like this would be a much-needed feature in future builds.

HI @Clarissa_A,

The way to work with these “pseudo dropdowns” at this time is via clicks rather than the “Select Item”. Starting with our 20.8 update, it’s possible to use dynamic values with a Click target. I created a short video demonstrating how to do this at Dynamic Values in StudioX UI Automation - YouTube.

Longer term we are exploring how to support these controls in Select Item.


Hi @AndrewHall ,

I have a drop-down menu, where the “Select Item” is not working, because it is not a regular, HTML select items. Furthermore, the suggested method also not working, because the list do not contains the item yet, which I would like to choose. So first I have to add the item to the list (with the help of clicking a + sign & choose the correct item from an another list).
Any idea, how I can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

It’s hard to give specific advice without understanding the scenario/menus more deeply, but you should be able to use the same technique of combining “Click” with variables to select whatever you need from any menu on the UI.

Thanks for your quick reply Andrew, I will try it.