Select Item Feature Failing

I’ve been running an automation for about 4 months without exception. In the past month, the automation has failed to recognize a website’s dropdown list as a target for Select Item.

I attempted to update the target and received an error that the element was not eligible for the Select Item step.

Is this a correctable situation? How can I resolve this?

OK, it is possible something on the website changed?

On a side note: There is a generic way to select something from a drop down. That is to first select the drop-down with a click, and then hit the down key until you arrive at the value you need. The problem here is you need to know how many times you need to hit the down or up key to get at an item on the list. But if that list remains largely fixed, a general solution such as this might fix it.

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Yes, the website did change but the field that I was selecting continued to be a drop down.

I think you have a great idea for a dropdown workaround using the click. Maybe I could even go so far as a click and do a partial “type into” to force the site to select the item I’m looking for.

Yep. Sometimes I find the classic/generic ways of doing things helps me hedge against such failures.

I hope this solution gives you a long-term fix because nothing in this world is permanent.