Indicate on screen not working

Hi All,

Few days ago, the indicate on screen still working fine, but today after upgrade to newest version of studio, the indicate function look like not working properly

As you can see, isn’t the selector is correct, why it mention closest is 94% ?

if i indicate first time, it’s work, then i change the selector innertext content to a variable, then it wont work, then if i hardcode back the innertext, it also can’t detect already, i need to RE-indicate again to hardcoded…


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In innerText we can find a portion of text being dynamic each time

Replace that part of the attribute value with wildcard symbol *

And upgrade the UIAutomation package in studio

Cheers @Likesh_Lim

Hi Palaniyappan

Thanks for the fast respond! =)
But i really can’t understand, why need to put wild card since the text already exactly the same?
So i try

This can’t find the element

But i try

Then it can find the element

Whats the logic there?

Because now i want the aaname to be read from variable. something like this

So the element can able configure by user.

Hmm fine
What are the other attributes looking stable in that selector

Can you check for that once in UI explorer

Cheers @Likesh_Lim

Hi @Likesh_Lim ,

Is there any other dynamic value in the selector…? Like idx value is same in every indication…?

Hi @Palaniyappan , @Vishnu_Baburajan

Thanks for the respond, appreciated.

Here’s my testing.

First, i code this, and run, it function correctly and able to click the element.

So i have change the aaname to flexible, mean using variable.

But it wont work, the error as below

So i have change back as the first time, but weird it become not able to recognize.

If i change to * wild card, it can work, this is the logic i dont understand…

Sorry i didnt intend to spam, just i can’t post multiple picture yet…so sry

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May I know why we are passing variable
Is it being passed with any value

Even if you are creating variable Is it done in this way Studio - Dynamic Selectors

Because I could see that the variable in selector is not declared

If not then we can go with the wildcard itself

Because using wildcard will let the selector to work and accept any dynamic value of the attribute

Cheers @Likesh_Lim

It’s something like this

So we can loop and click on the specific folder name we want. Let say user will input the following folder name in configuration file.
Malaysia Group Reports CCB2
Malaysia Group Reports CCB2020
Malaysia Group Reports CCB3

So the robot will click process only this 3 folder.

The variable not declare yet because it read the content from configuration file

The logic why use wildcard?
i wrote a mini essay on that, hope this helps you to understand why using “*” wildcard makes the selector dynamic and validate it

no worries mate! you are not spamming!

you can post multiple images in one post also, just upload at once or one by one, it’ll work. Appreciate to keep minimum number of post if possible.

You can assign those name in the config and separate it by “,”

Read the config element in a variable, strNames
Use a variable to store the array variable, arrVar, strNames.Split(“,”)

Then use for each loop for arrVar
then in that use assign activity to store the name of the file in loop, store in a variable, strNameInLoop = row.toString

after this have your activities
and inside the selector, in name attribute, use aaname = ‘{{strNameInLoop}}’

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Fine then
Create a variable from selector editor itself as shown here

Before to that specific activity where we have used a variable in selector, keep a assign activity and mention like this

If the variable in selector named as var_att

Then in assign activity

Var_att = “your value from config file”

Cheers @Likesh_Lim

Thanks for the help, but still not working.

Can someone explain to me about this error?

It say failed at selector Tag
But the closest matches found , i saw is 100% match, why it state 97% ?

Let do one thing, Open Ui Explorer and explore the attributes of this item.

Check whether there is any other attribute which gives you the value you are looking for. Then add those attribute and make selector more robust.

Every time confirm the selector with both validate and highlight option.

May be it helps.