Find element Error

No worries mate @venkateshcheeni09

Selectors are like the eyes to the robot
Robot identifies elements using selectors

As you need to have different pages, there might be selector elements that are common to both pages and also elements that are not common to both page.

So the ones that are not common, needs to he handled, they csn be removed and then we can check if selector is valid. Or you can replace thier value as a wildcard. wildcard * means any value.

So if you put ctrlname =“*” this will ensure any value in ctrlname will be taken as a valid data for ctrlname element

in your case, ctrlname is changing for different pages, right?
so you need to nake that element dynamic, to handle all pages, this can be done using wildcard as shown above.

I added that, if you use a type into activity that will have a selector, just open that selector in Ui Browser. That will give you all the possible elements that can be added to the selector. Just try the smallest number of elements that makes selector valid. Validate in few pages, If there is an element changing then make it dynamic by using wildcard as shown above.

Hope this adds at least some value and helps you to understand.