Problem with indication selector on screen

Hello Uipath Forum,

I have big trouble with selectors. Literally overnight, the recorder functionality stopped finding a large part of the selectors. Its the same for “indicate on screen” activities. No changes has been done to either Uipath or the system environment and a reinstallation of Uipath does nothing to resolve this. All of this is quite mysterious to me.

I’ve heard of people having this problem before, and that it seemed to be back to normal after a couple of days. Does anybody have any idea as to why this is occurring?

Confused and considerably pressed for time,

It’s hard to say for sure, but I can make a few suggestions.

Make sure your activities with selectors are placed inside containers (ie Attach Browser or Attach Window) and that the selectors are partial (so you might need to reselect the elements or remove the top line of the selector)

Sometimes the automatic selector created from the activity isn’t always the most stable, so you might need to check in UiExplorer where you can adjust parameters and validate the selector, and also use the wildcard(*) or variables in parts of the selector that could be dynamic.

If you are using Chrome, it could be a problem with the Extension. You could try some troubleshooting steps here like disabling it, restarting chrome, and re-enabling it again. But, maybe IE is more stable.

It might also just be that the site and UiPath don’t work well together. Hopefully not!

Good Luck!

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Consider your text display settings. Changing mine back to 100% got Chrome selectors working again