Indicate on screen loses element when salesforce page refreshed


I am looking to automate the add new account function on salesforce, it is the lightning interface.
When indicating on screen it works fine for the first run but when i come out of the pop up window and go back in the clicks don’t work.
does anyone have a solution for this?



You have to use reliable Selector and then only it should work all time.

Please compare current Selector with new Selector after refreshing page. You have to remove that variable part from Selector after comparison then it should work.

this is the old one

and this is the new one

What do i remove from the selector? @lakshman


Have you indicated same element both times ?

It seems like you indicated different elements.

Nope these are the same elements, this is the problem i am having.
Every time i run the bot i have to indicate on screen again with all the selectors.

ive just dont it again and this is the old one

and this the new one

both this selector looks a little poor on attributes, this link must have something better for you to use, so it is more reliable.

this is the window that i am struggling to indicate on screen. The bot losses the element when i refresh the page.

were you trying to click a link there? use uiexplorer to make your selector richer…

no am just looking to type into the box

so it would be very wrong that selector is for a link…

I don’t understand what you mean