Indicate in PowerPoint error

Good day

I am trying to add a “type into” activity within a use powerpoint resource. I then click on indicate within powerpoint file and it gives me the following error “Cannot attach to document [file location]. Make sure it is already open in PowerPoint.”

I am not sure why I get this error because I have ensured the powerpoint file is open?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hello @kyle.smith , welcome to the forums!

You should try the Powerpoint activities. They will help you work with Powerpoint.

Here is the link that you will find helpful:

Thanks @AndyMenon. So I know about the PowerPoint activities. To briefly explain what I am trying to do:

  1. Open powerpoint file - I use the use powerpoint resource
  2. I need to delete the contents of 2 text boxes (this is where I use thee type into activity)
  3. Add new data - I use the add text to PowerPoint activity.

So by not being able to do point 2, If I add text to powerpoint, it just adds additional data to the relevant text boxes.

Thanks for the help

Would it work if:

  • You created an identical slide a position after the existing slide
  • Add the new values to this slide
  • Delete the old slide?

This is one way.

The other is to use this activity:

Some things we have to be careful about here is:

  • Navigate to the slide you want to update
  • Read the text you intend to Replace
  • Then use this activity without the Replace all option so that the first instance of your existing text is replaced with the updated text

Unfortunately not for the first way.

For the second option, I did think of using the replace text activity, however, this needs to be dynamic as the text which will be replaced will be different week on week. Not sure if this is possible?

It is possible if you can read the existing text and then use that as the input to your replace activity.

Hey @kyle.smith ,

What versions of the PowerPoint & UIAutomation packages are you using? Would you be able to provide us with a sample project to help look into this?


Hi @Raluca_Laic I am using StudioX 2021.10.0. with a community license and Office 365 Powerpoint. Very simply this is what I have done as an illustration


Just scratched out the file location for privacy purposes.

To note

  1. I did uninstalled uipath and reinstalled and it started working but once I closed and reopened the task it comes back with the same issue.

  2. This issue only relates to indicating in powerpoint, excel works just fine. I did run the repair microsoft function under Home==>Tools but this hasnt fixed the error.

I did think maybe I could try using the object repository but I am missing that capture icon for an unknown reason

Thanks for the help

Hey @kyle.smith ,

Thank you very much for the additional information. I’ve tried repro’ing this and I only get the error message when I don’t have the powerpoint presentation opened.

  • Are the other UI Automation activities affected?
  • If you try closing and opening the presentation, isthe issue remediated?


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