Click activity error for Excel file

Hi! When I am trying to add a click activity to indicate a UI Element in an Excel file, I am getting this error:

Indicate in excel failed. Error: Cannot attach to document. Make sure it is already open in Excel. Could not open the specified workbook. Make sure there is no other workbook with the same name is already opened.

Even though my excel file is opened, I get this error. I even tried to kill the Excel process from task manager but no luck. Any ideas why?

Hi @tarau_bianca,

Restart the UiPath studio and try to indicate the element again.

Hi! I already tried this and no luck :frowning:

Hi @tarau_bianca ,

Try using the click activity from Classic menu. That might help you identify the element on Excel.




Thanks! This is the only solution that works :slight_smile:

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