Replace text in powerpoint

Dear Forum Members,

I am trying to use the “Replace Text in Presentation” activity. But I am not able to, as I don’t know what to input in the Presentation field and I need to use only the “UiPath.Powerpoint.Activities” package.

I tried to give the name of the presentation file but it is giving the error as shown in the screenshot:

I also try to create the variable, then it is giving the Runtime Execution exception as:
Runtime error

How can I achieve the output.

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Hi @dimple.khurana
Use ‘PowerPoint’ without quotes or create a variable like in below image :slight_smile:

Hi Fire_Gaming,

Thanks for your reply.

That variable issue has been resolved but I am stuck at the Runtime execution error as I attached screenshot in previous message. How this error can be removed.


USe that activity in “Use Powerpoint presentation” scope. (Drag and drop ‘Use powerpoint presentation activity’ then in ‘Do’ sequence use ‘Add text to slide’ activity)

I just tried that, but it is still giving the Runtime Execution error. And why to use this activity, I want to replace the text. So Replace text activity should be used.


The exception has been resolved, I just uninstall and reinstall the PowerPoint package. Thanks for your help and time.

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