In Reframework how get Transaction Data flow works?

I am new to uipath and I’m not able to understand how GetTransaction data flow works. I’m simply fetching data from excel file and putting this data into UIDemo application. Since, the transaction item starts from 0 in case of excel so I put the following condition in IF block:


But inside “Then” condition in If block few log fields are there. Please explain these fields also let me know what value we have to put inside those fields?

It is basically populating Transaction variables if there is data there to be processed in io_TransactionData. out_TransactionItem will typically be a datarow from this table or a queue item if using Orchestrator. Within this TransactionItem are details you will be using in your workflow. You may not use all of them so just output those that you do need, e.g. out_TransactionField1 = out_TransactionItem.Item(“ColumnA”).tostring

These details then become your next transaction to be sent for processing in the next step.

Based on the IF condition, it is assumed there are no more transactions if the TransactionNumber, which is incremented after each item is processed, reaches a number higher than the number of rows in your Transactions Data Table, io_TransactionData