Setting GetTranactionData - take TransactionItem by files pdf and excel

Hi everyone , i am newbie at REF . I was being confused that how i setting GetTransactionData State (file pdf and excel) without using queue . Can you explain step by step ? Thank you so much :smiley:

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Check out the Thread and video


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Hello @hmduy ,

Have a look on this training module available in the academy this will give you the clear understanding.


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Thanks for your reply . Can i ask more question ? In my case , the TransactionItem is the files path or value from each row in Excel file . Because i will extract data from PDF Files and Extract data from Excel file , then i will compare its together .

This one you can do it in the Process Transaction and also compare the data there.

In the Get Transaction you can just get the data from the excel one by one based on the Design of your project

It’s mean i must change the data type of variable TransactionItem to DataRow ?

in that case you TransactionItem type would be string and TransactionData would be list of string.

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Your mean is TransactionItem will be files path (string) and TransactionData is files path stored to array (list of string) ?

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Yes, correct

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When i import Arguments in Invoke GetTransactionData workflow , i changed out_TransactionItem to ListValue and that was the result …

for lists search with List and lesser than sign
" List< " later dropdown will appear and you can select string for list of strings

seach for System.Collections.Generic.list<

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and what is the value that i must to input ?

Your transaction data would be of Type List<System.String> and TransactionItem of Type String


can i ask how to io_TransactionItem appear ? i just have io_dt_TranstactionItem

Please help me to resolve it

make it as

Do i need to create array to store string ? And where i must to input that array syntax ?

You need not to create any array, you already have a collection, do as per the below image

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