In RE Framework, In init state pass the Data table through Argument but in Process state it is showing Null

I am using RE framework I m Passing the data (DataTable) from Init to Process state through Arguments,
From Init passing dt_Output through Argument out_Dt_Output

In Process State In_Dt_Output

But Data Table Value getting Null as Shown Below

Please Help me


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Can You check the value by placing a log message before Process

dt_Output.rows.count place this in logmessage

Try to make the Out_DT_Output as a Global variable

and pass that to the process state


Heyy , @Ajinya_jorwekar ,

Change the scope of the dt_Output variable in the variables panel

Hope it helps you out!


make the scope of it General Business

hope this helps

But It is in InitallApplication , Scope only showing Sale Booking Sequence and InitAllApplication


Iam saying that after the InitAllApplications

create the argument not the variable in the InitAllApplications and make its Direction as Out

Create a Global Variable in the main with name dt_output and Pass that in the imports of

like below


Got it, Its working Fine Now
Thanks a Lot @Shiva_Nikhil @Vikas_M

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Thanks and Happy Automation


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