How to pass arguments from Init all applications to Process In RE Framework?

I have read an excel file in “Init all application” and stored it inside a Data table named “Out_Dt”
How can I pass this data table to Process. Xaml file

HI @Sami_Rajput

You should follow the path like from child to parent workflow and then again to child.

InitAllApps(Out_Dt) → Main(Variable) → Process(in_Dt_arg)

Check out this thread

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Ensure the scope of your variable is broad enough to pass into the process workflow.

Hi @Sami_Rajput

In main.xaml create a datatable variable and set scope to max whatever you see in the drop down. Then give this variable in Arguments of Invoke workflow for InitApplications.

Then in process.xaml create a input datatable argument. And in the main.xaml where you see invoke workflow of process.xaml, pass the variable to it