How to Pass data table value From Init state to Process state

Hi Team,

I have Extracted one data table (DT1)value stored in Init sate.

I want to Process DT1 value to Process state so please guide me How to pass it from Init state to Process state.

Sankar M

HI @201007

You can check the Scope of the DT variable in the INit State

Change the scope to the Parent Sequence so that you can get the variable in the process state



As @Sudharsan_Ka said you can pass your Datatable from Init State to Process like above

But if you keep inside the Init Settings workflow then first you need to make a arugment as out_datattable and the direction is out

Now you will be asked to give the Datatable which same like sudharsan said

Now in Process state, create a Argument as out_Datatable again and now pass the datatable variable which you created

Hope this may help you’


Hello @201007 , By using Arguments, you can pass the values from 1 flow to another flow.
Refer to this video, you may get some idea.


I am asking How to pass one state to other state.

Sankar M

@201007, Use the Scope of Variable Globally.

Hi @201007

If you are just looking to send the entire data table from init to process, then you can just send it as an argument, right?

Create an ‘out’ argument in the init state, save it in a variable in the main, create an ‘in’ argument in the process state, and send it from the main flow.

Hope this helps,
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I am very newer to UiPath, Please can you share screen shot.

I understand how to passing argument in different workflows Same state.

But I have doubts on Passing Extract data table value from Init state to Process state.


From one state to another state you need not pass scpecifically…if you create a variable with scope containing both then it shpuld be available automatically…

If you need to pass into process.xaml then create an argument of type datatable and direction in and in the main.xaml click import arguments on process.caml invoke activity and assign the variable to argument value

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Thank you @Anil_G :heart:

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The same example, which @Sudharsan_Ka has shown to you


Hi @201007

To pass a data table value from one state to another can be achieved using the State Machine framework

Hi everybody,

In my case, I don’t want to pass the entire data table (or whatever other data structure, like a collection, if possible), but just a single member of it, then after the “Sucess” in the Process Transaction state, go back to Get Transaction Data and create and send the next element of the data table (or collection or whatever set of data) to be processed in the Process Transaction. As in this diagram:

But I’m not able to do so, after many testing.

Is there a way to accomplish that?