Output values from process is null

I have defined both a datatable and a string variable as output from the process (in the arguments tab), yet borth show up in the job details as “null”. What am I doing wrong?

Since they are arguments i assume you are passing them outside of the workflow you are using. First thing to check is if they are working in their original workflow by having a log message that displays the contents (for the data table you can use an output datatable activity to change it into a string before writing it in a log). If this works you are assigning the data in the workflow correctly

Second step is to check and see what its showing outside the workflow, this is most likely where the error is but you should always check the above issue first. If this is where it is running into issues, at least for the data table its most likely because you didn’t create and initialize the data table first before passing data inside of it.

The plan is to use them in an app (UiPath Apps), I’ve connected the app to the process, and selected the table, but no data shows (and in the jobs logs it shows null as output). I have two “QA” steps in place; first I count the number of rows in the data.table, which gives the correct number of rows, and the second is a for loop that loops through all rows and prints the first column. This also works. So the data.table is created correctly, and contains the data I want. It just won’t export it.

Ahh… I noobed it. I didn’t convert the variable to an argument, I just created an argument with the same name. Converted the existing variables and now it works…

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