In_Progress queue item doesnt get abandoned after a failure after suspended state of job


I noticed that a few queue items that failed, coming back from suspended state in an unhandled way (doesn’t get set to failed) stay in progress and doesn’t get abandoned in 24 hours as usual. (stuck in in_progress for 4 days now)
For other processes queue items get abandoned always 24 hours later

Does suspended state influence queue item abandonment logic?

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Hey @Mindaugas_Navickas1

This shouldn’t be the case. Hope you are setting the queue item status in the workflow after it resumes ?


Hello, nK
The status of queue item is set after it is resumed to either failed or succesfull… depending on the data…
However in this scenario, items were waiting for action center item to be completed, the jobs that got those queue items were suspended till action center items was completed. Once resumed, it failed due license being taken up by a user (user was doing some maintenance on the machine, a robot taking up license would just put it in pending state)
I assumed the queue item would go in to abandoned state after 24 hours like usual. But its been in progress for quite a while, without the state change.

First guess was that suspended job somehow affects the abandonment logic (inprogressmaxnumberofminutes), as a queue item can wait for days till action center item is complete.