Data Scraping results

Hi everyone,

I am using the data scraping feature to extract data from the web and save to excel. The automation runs without any problems but the resulting excel file only produces 877 results while the table on the web has over 100,000.

Does anyone have any ideas why that is?


Hello @Nuneh_Kay,

Do you get any errors?
Can you provide the url from where you scrape?
Or a screenshot how you configured the Data Scraping in Studio?


Hi @Nuneh_Kay

Please checkfor datascraping how much max no of result are specified,?

Correction: there should be 1,000 results but the result only gives me 877.

There are no errors from the automation. Below is a screenshot of the properties for the data scarping activity.

There are 100 pages where the data is being scraped and when running from studio, I can see that the automation does go through all 100 pages but items are missing from the results.

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Please check this post

We need to provide some delay (Timeout property).